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Corporate & Residential Art Consulting and Art Commissions

Low Tide, Summer Glow by A. Paul Filiberto.

Our vision is to promote quality  fine art  in the home , office and facilities worldwide.  We focus on guiding and educating clients in their selections and offer professional consultation to meet our client’s needs while balancing these with the aesthetics of the intended setting.   For more information or to schedule a consultation please contact us at the gallery.

Residential Art Consultation

With experience and training in fine art, our art consultants, whether in person, over the phone or via email, are skilled at helping discerning collectors and first-time buyers find exactly what they are looking for and how to fit it into a specific collection or an overall design. We can help you by tailoring a collection with available works of art or commissioned pieces through our network of local and national artists. Contact us now to work with our art consultants. We provide all of the elements you need to complete your space with art: artwork, framing, shipping, and custom designed commissions. This “one stop shopping” approach enables us to meet your artwork goals at your convenience.

Corporate Art Consultation

Cortile Gallery offers art consulting services in a wide range of styles, media, palette and price points to the corporate, healthcare, hospitality and design industries. Our skilled art consultants have the knowledge, experience and resources to fulfill the artwork needs specific to your business, taking into consideration budget and time constraints.

Design Professionals

We welcome Design Professionals to view our collection online or visit our gallery showroom in Provincetown, Massachusetts or our Art Studio Annex showroom in Jacksonville, Florida.  Our relationship with designers enables us to proactively connect them with our extensive group of artists  to offer a world of possibilities for their clients, whether its a completed or commissioned work of art.


Love a piece of artwork but it is the wrong size? Commissioning a piece of art does not have to be a stressful prospect. Our gallery art consultants are  trained to facilitate the entire process. Commissions are great options for clients who are looking to revisit the color palette of a past “sold” painting or need a specific size for their space.   When choosing to move forward with a commission, keep in mind that the artist needs a certain amount of freedom of creative direction while at  the same time creating a unique piece with your space in mind.  Please don’t hesitate to contact the gallery for more information about commissioning a piece of artwork.