About Paul Messink

“My work is about journeys. We all have a road ahead: decisions to make, fears to face, and unanswered questions about our future. My work presents our unknown futures as a path into a misty forest, and encourages viewers to courageously take that next step in their journey.”


Paul Messink is a kiln-work glass artist and instructor who draws on prior drawing and painting experience to create hand-painted, multi-layered glass panels that present nature in deep dimension. While mostly self taught, he has been fortunate to learn from artists such as Susan Taylor Glasgow, Richard LaLonde, and Mark Salsbury.

“I create hand-painted, multi-layered, kiln-cast glass panels that exhibit nature in deep dimension, presenting natural objects around us in a new way. My goal is to draw the viewer into the work of art, transforming a painting (historically, a 2D art form) into something more. My outdoor subjects often recede into a foggy distance, creating an ethereal, almost ghostly effect.”

Viewers frequently ask if a photograph has been embedded in layers of glass. But using only enamel applied by hand, Paul Messink creates depth using several techniques including layering, diminishing size and color, texture, and translucence. He typically uses 9-12 layers of  glass; they are then kiln-cast into a solid panel after all layers are complete.