About Madeliene Abling

Madeliene Abling’s creative spirit as a painter blossomed after having finished college, law school and working for 20 years as a lawyer in Orlando, Florida. She lived on a boat traveling up and down the East Coast of the USA before deciding to become an artist. On one of her birthdays, while off the coast of Georgia, she received a gift, which gave her the necessary tools, and set her on the path to become a painter; easel, canvases, brushes, palette knife and paints. She taught herself the style and technique that would become her voice and studied work of artists around the world.

Abling’s work is figurative but with a different twist. She uses her palette knife to create exciting imagery of different themes. She paints images with her oil medium of boats, cars, musical instruments, chefs and adult beverages. Abling paints with abandon–not afraid to take chances and from this come her striking visual paintings!

Abling rarely uses brushes and says, very clearly, “The palette knife forces me to do big things; you can’t get niggly.  In the beginning I wanted to make it look like something but then I started to get looser and looser. The palette knife forces that.”

After spreading her luscious colors on a large glass palette she begins mixing her medium and works with large piles of paint at her fingertips. Abling says, “I love thick, juicy paint, loose shapes, the smell of the studio. She continues, “Although shape, color and tone are my focus, for me the subject is important in that it also carries emotion and mood. But the shapes and colors are what draw me in; the bigger, the bolder, the better. The palette knife demands that I paint large shapes. The ongoing experiment with color invites me to be bold.”

Abling splits her time between Provincetown and Fort Lauderdale, painting and gathering inspiration from both locales.
Abling graduated from Hiram College (OH) with a BA in English and Cum Laude from University of Florida College of Law with a JD. Her work is in private and corporate collections throughout the USA, Europe and Asia.