About Ruth Hamill

Ruth Hamill is “one of the most intuitive artists working today” according to the Charleston Post and Courier (June 1, 2016). She works in oil and encaustic on canvas as well as ink on paper and experiments to use these traditional mediums in new ways to best suit her subject, which is often the transiency of a wave, of the ocean, and of life. Hamill exhibits her work on the Atlantic coast in galleries from South Carolina to Maine as well as in Chicago. This Fall, she will be in artist residency as the Copley Fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA, and then will travel to remote Thailand for her first overseas artist residency.

Artist Statement
My studio practice involves research into and experimentation with traditional materials to use them in new ways. Working in the unruly medium of encaustic, I have to surrender to it. Like sailor to sea, I make peace with it. My process is messy. Gravity is engaged. Pigment is poured, blown, and manhandled. Patterns evoking the sea, sand and sky emerge and I coax them, exploiting the materials to my end. My work in encaustic is not just about the translucency, light and movement of water; but that too. It is about transiency. Waves are a recurring reminder that everything in life is constantly changing. Nothing is ever really static.