About Mimi Schlichter

My earliest memory of sketching is in a cow pasture with a small group of children around age 10.  I remember butterscotch candies being a part of that day.  Funny what stays with us, isn’t it?

At age 13, my mother placed me in a Saturday morning painting class at Moyer’s Art Gallery in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.  Little did she know the lifelong impact that class would have on me. My relationship with the instructor, Jeanie Moyer, grew into one  which I referred to her as “my other mother” and I was “her other daughter.”  She was my first exposure to spirituality, and to ways of viewing the world different from the home in which I was raised. I continued in classes with her until relocating to Cape Cod in 1997.

I studied a combined art and academic curriculum in high school, but chose to not pursue art in college.  I wanted it to be my enjoyment, not my work. Oh, mis-guided youth. If only someone had told me they could be one and the same.

I started college as an Animal Science major at the University of Delaware (back to the cow fields and barns!) then transferred to Gettysburg College where I struggled through a Biology major (not even remotely like animal science.)  During a one month January term I took a figure drawing course from the head of the art department, a man notorious for never giving A’s, and yes, you guessed it, I got an A.  Then went back to the labs. I’m a firm believer that God gives us signs in life.  I suppose I wasn’t paying attention.

Following graduation, there was a year at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg.  My faith deepened, even as my grades and life pointed me in directions that would not include ordination as a Lutheran pastor.

All the while I continued to paint for fun.  At age 35, mid-divorce, I was offered my first painting commission.  Found myself once again in a farm field, camera around my neck and sketchbook in hand, and said to myself, “oh, so THIS is what work can feel like.”  I wore jeans and a t-shirt, received pay for doing something I loved, and was hooked.

I relocated to Cape Cod in 1997.  Opened my first gallery in the breezeway of my home.  Then a different one on Main Street in Falmouth in 2009, finally settling in to a smaller working studio in West Falmouth from 2014-2016.  I have since moved my studio back home, so that I may focus on the painting itself, rather than the retail side. That’s why professional galleries exist.

I choose to think of my style as impressionistic realism, with occasional hints of whimsy, to include landscapes, seascapes, skies both vivid and soothing.

I have taught classes in basic drawing and painting, and spiritual creativity. Drawing classes are based on Betty Edwards’ book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Creativity courses are based in original material as well as Julia Cameron’s’ book The Artist’s Way.

In 2008, I wrote and illustrated Mimi’s Joy, a self-published inspirational book.

In June of 2015, I indie published my first novel, PAINTING LILY.  It’s a fun, thought provoking read.  Though not really about painting.  It’s about a woman who… well… more on that in another time and place.

And in March of 2017, I published a non-fiction piece, titled THE 10 THINGS – AN INVITATION TO DIVE IN.  A story of a faith journey.  An invitation to go deeper with one’s own walk with the Lord.

I am also blessed with the job of playing organ and piano every Sunday morning at Christ Lutheran Church, Falmouth.  A different sort of ministry.

As artist, author, and musician, my mission is threefold. To bring beauty to the eye of the beholder, thoughtfulness to the mind of the reader, and inspiration to the ear of one who listens.  And all to bring honor to God, the ultimate creator.

Thank you for reading all the way through.  I wish you blessings of joy and love in your life.