SEGMENT I: Why Collect Art?

One of the questions I am frequently asked is “why should I invest in artwork?” and more specifically “why buy original artwork?”

First, I believe that every person should strive to acquire art as it is one of the strongest ways to express who you are as an individual, regardless if it is original art, limited edition prints or reproduction art.  Beyond the power of art to immediately transform the feel or mood of an environment, as seen in the two images below, art is a direct reflection of its owner’s personality and interests. It expresses the unique taste and style of the person who owns the artwork. Art can subdue, make a statement, transport a person to a distant memory,  challenge viewpoints, stimulate conversation or be spiritually uplifting simply by a viewer being in its presence.

Owning original art amplifies these qualities.  Reproduction, no matter how well printed, lacks the approachable and tangible qualities of original work. Original art engages a viewer through more intense luminosity and hues; the eyes pick up these subtle nuances. Beyond this, there is a tactile quality to the dimensional surfaces that urge a viewer to explore the piece further.

Additionally, investing in original art promotes philanthrophy.  Behind every piece of handmade art is a passionate and inspired individual.  Your purchase of his or her work supports the creative process for that artist.

In summary, investing in art is, in my opinion, an investment in yourself.  Humans by nature are natural collectors.  Think of all that we collect–homes, cars, handbags, shoes, wine– the list is endless but ultimately these are items that say something about our tastes and about who we are as a person.   Artwork, particularly original artwork, can and is one of the most rewarding means of self expression.

Thank you for joining me for this segment of Art Talk.  Coming up in following segments are discussions around building your art collection as well as how to properly hang and light your artwork.